Ever wonder what movie stars like Lindsay Lohan, Mila Kunis and Leonardo DiCaprio did before they made it big? All three were fairly well-known child/teen actors, but before they got their big break, they had to start off on a much smaller scale … in commercials!

Our friends at ScreenCrush compiled commercial clips starring Lohan, Kunis, DiCaprio and a whole wealth of other celebs before they became household names, promoting products such as Jell-O, Lisa Frank, Bubble-Yum and yes, even Preparation H. Some of the spots are a little ridic, but looking at them (and the much-younger celebs!) decades later is simply amazing. And let's face it: If you don't want to be a '90s-era Mila Kunis with all of the Lisa Frank merch you can get your hands on, we don't trust you.

Check 'em all out in the video above!

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