Huey Mack is a rising rapper in the pop music scene, so we felt it was only right to introduce PopCrushers to him via this 10 Things You Didn't Know list.

We found out plenty about Huey Mack, which isn't the West Virginian's real name. Oh, don't worry. He shares his real name, and why he once changed it, with us and with you! Speaking of monikers, when we first heard his name, we thought, "Is he like a hip-hop Huey Lewis?," since his name sorta sounds like it, right?

He gets personal, offering some private details, and also reveals some of the crazy stuff that has happened to him on the road (involving his tour van) and onstage (find out what happens when you get a little too wasted).

Grab Huey Mack's album 'Pretending Perfection' here.

But before you do, get to know him via these 10 cool facts.

  • 1

    My real name is Joseph Michael; I got "Huey Mack" from a randomly generated player name in the NCAA Football 2009 game.

  • 2

    My mixtape 'A Boy Named Hue' was inspired by the album 'A Boy Named Goo' by the Goo Goo Dolls, which was inspired by Johnny Cash's 'A Boy Named Sue.' I'm a big Goo Goo Dolls fan.

  • 3

    My first song was about my high school football team. I recorded it on a built-in computer microphone. IT WAS AWFUL.

  • 4

    My birth name was Joseph Sisley, but I later had it changed to my mother's maiden name after my father left when I was young. Now my name is "Joseph Michael."

  • 5

    On Day One of my first tour, my friend who was our driver ripped the entire door of our van. It was awful.

  • 6

    On my 21st birthday, I sold out my first show in NYC. I got thrown out of my own concert for being too drunk.

  • 7

    One time walking onstage, I tripped and ate it in front of the whole crowd. I performed my whole set with my pants ripped down the middle.

  • 8

    I once performed in a wheelchair after getting in an accident. People had to lift the chair onstage.

  • 9

    The first concert I ever attended was an Aaron Carter concert. So there's that.

  • 10

    When I was beginning my junior year of college, a year-and-a-half ago, I dropped out to pursue my music career. It was the smartest decision I've ever made.