Pop singer Kait Weston, whose song 'Til Death Do Us Part' is featured in the latest film version of 'Romeo and Juliet' (get the song here), is quite an interesting person with a dreamy, ethereal voice that tickles the spine. 

In order to let us get to know her better, she shared 10 cool facts and even provided us with some personal photos.

She actually went to a circus camp (such a thing exists?) and learned to ride a unicycle. How beyond amazing is that? But that's not all we discovered from this up 'n' coming talent.

Find out which TV host she loves, which children's snack made her develop an irrational fear, what she did for 14 years before she turned to music, what type of sandwich she makes better than anyone else, and which decade is her favorite and why. She also offers an inside detail about her new single and the writing process.

Pull up a chair and get to know Kait Weston a little better. We think you'll walk away liking her a whole bunch! We sure did.

  • 1

    I was a dancer and gymnast for 14 years before I decided to start singing.

    Courtesy of Kait Weston
  • 2

    My single 'Til Death Do Us Part,' inspired by 'Romeo and Juliet,' was written in just two hours.

  • 3

    When I was little, I didn’t eat Gushers because I thought my head would turn into a fruit.

  • 4

    I lived in N.Y. for 21 years before I peaced out and made the move to L.A. to make this wonderful dream a reality.

  • 5

    I went to circus camp one summer and learned how to ride a six-foot unicycle! GOOD TIMES!

  • 6

    I spent my summers on Owasco Lake at my summer house and at sleep away camp Casowasco!

    Courtesy of Kait Weston
  • 7

    I am the worst cook you will ever meet BUT I can make a really amazing turkey sandwich.

  • 8

    I had the amazing opportunity of performing at THON, which is a pediatric cancer benefit, for 15,000 people! FTK!!

    Courtesy of Kait Weston
  • 9

    I had a huge crush on Ryan Seacrest back in my high school days. This one Christmas, I got a signed picture from him.

    Courtesy of Kait Weston
  • 10

    I liked rocking the shades back in the '90s. BEST DECADE EVER!

    Courtesy of Kait Weston