Mayday Parade released their new album 'Monsters in the Closet' this week (get it on iTunes here, or at Target for $7.99 for a limited time), and they will be hitting the road to headline the Glamour Kills Tour, which runs through November. If you are not yet familiar with the boys, well, allow PopCrush to make the introduction for you.

There's no time like the present to get to know the pop punk band a little better. They are a unique collection of musicians, with plenty of cool interests outside of their gig.

The group is comprised of Derek Sanders (vocals), Jeremy Lenzo (bass), Alex Garcia (guitar), Jake Bundrick (drums) and Brooks Betts (guitar). They've shared some fun facts about one another and themselves, which you can read below!

Find out which band member owns and operates their own food truck that centers on a childhood lunch classic. Learn which band dude has a clothing company. See Derek's adorable daughter (and find out her lovely, colorful name). Find out which college football team is their absolute favorite, who has a strange nickname involving a vegetable and what their go-to location is while on the road.

With that in mind, get to know our friends in Mayday Parade.

  • 1

    Two of the members have business ventures other than the band. Brooks owns a peanut butter and jelly truck called 'Gourmet PB&J' in Tallahassee, Florida, and Jake owns his clothing company, 5683 Collective, based in Los Angeles, California.

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  • 2

    The entire band is from Tallahassee, Florida. Except Jake, who is the only member from Cairo, Georgia.

  • 3

    We love video games, like 'Call of Duty,' 'FIFA14,' 'NCAA College Football 14,' 'GTAV.' Jeremy is the most avid gamer in the band.

  • 4

    We love college football. Florida State University is our team.

  • 5

    Jeremy's nickname is 'Cabbage.' Alex is the only member of the band who knows why and they both won't tell anyone why.

  • 6

    Jake is an avid L.A. Galaxy and Manchester City soccer fan.

  • 7

    Derek has a beautiful daughter named Grey.

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  • 8

    Alex never stops playing guitar. His favorite style is the Gibson Les Paul and his favorite band is Led Zeppelin.

  • 9

    The band loves coffee, except for Derek. Starbucks is their go-to location on the road.

  • 10

    No matter what, the band always gets two avocados on their rider even though they usually never eat them. The reason they sometimes never eat them is due to the fact that the person shopping for the avocados doesn't know how to pick a ripe avocado and they're playing a one-off show.