The 1975 are a pop and alt-rock band from Manchester, England. Their EP 'IV' is out now, with new single 'Chocolate' featured as the iTunes Single of the Week. But trust us -- there is more you need to know about the band, and all of it will further ignite your interest.

We're here to make the intro and to help you get acquainted with the 1975 (members Matty Healy, Ross MacDonald, Adam Hann and George Daniel), all the while tipping you off to 10 key, fun things you didn’t know about the band, but should.

Group members Healy and Daniel have shared details about their favorite decades, their favorite album of the past year, which movie director they would've loved to have worked with, and more.

Their self-titled debut is on track for release this September. So why waste time? Get to know them know so you can say you heard about them way back when, courtesy of your pals at PopCrush.

  • 1

    They all used to be in punk cover bands together, starting at age 13.

  • 2

    Matty's dog's name is Pip.

  • 3

    George is 6'5.''

  • 4

    Matty is a huge film fan. [See No. 10 for more details.]

  • 5

    They love James Blake and Disclosure.

  • 6

    The video for 'Sex' was shot in the band's actual rehearsal space.

  • 7

    The band's favorite album of last year was A$AP Rocky's 'Long Live A$AP'

  • 8

    If Matty could go back to any decade it would be the '80s. Some of the best records were released then.

  • 9

    If they could hop on any tour past or present, it would be Michael Jackson’s HIStory Tour 1996.

  • 10

    Their debut album is written around the idea that it would be their own version of a John Hughes movie soundtrack, centered around their lives.