Do you remember the first time you got tickets to see your favorite artist or band?

For one 12-year-old Lorde fan, her moment was caught on camera. And her reaction is nothing short of adorable.

Lorde herself tweeted this video posted on YouTube by a mother who surprised her daughter with tickets to see one of her favorite artists.

"just got sent this and i am teary-- COOLEST GIRL EVER," tweeted Lorde.

In the video, a mother records her teen daughter in the backseat of the car and asks if she would be up for going to a water park. The girl seems open to the idea and the mom tells her to look through an envelope in the backseat to see if she can find any coupons for the park. But as the girl flips through the coupons, she is shocked to find tickets to go see Lorde. And to add to the surprise, the mom and dad (in the driver's seat) reveal that they are all actually on their way to the concert!

The young girl's reaction is heartwarming and amazing at the same time. Click on the video above to watch this special moment unfold.