With Kanye West and Jay-Z skipping the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne took over the headlining hip-hop performance slot, though their heavily-censored rendition of 'Yuck!' may have left some viewers scratching their heads.

Large portions of the song were bleeped out due to inappropriate language, so those watching at home might not have been feeling the performance. But hip-hop is all about having a good time, and on that count the rhyme-slingers delivered.

"Based on a T.R.U. Story!," 2 Chainz shouted, referencing the name of his debut album as he took the stage. While indoor fireworks went off, the blinged-out rapper descended to the stage from an elevated crane and began rapping 'Yuck!,' the first track from his album. 2 Chainz spit, "My girl came through and brought an extra body / Now that’s an afterparty for the afterparty."

Lil Wayne ran up on stage midway through, and while his rhymes were difficult to hear, he won us over with his leopard-print capri pants. The song transitioned into 'No Worries,' a track from Weezy's new 'Dedication 4' mixtape, which ended the performance as he took a giant stage dive into the crowd.