Following his arrest earlier today, 2 Chainz and his team have insisted that he wasn't carrying brass knuckles. Now, new photos support their argument.

As we previously reported, 2 Chainz was arrested earlier today when airport security discovered what they assumed to be a weapon and called police to the scene. 2 Chainz was subsequently handcuffed and charged with misdemeanor possession of a criminal weapon. Problem is, the poor guy didn't even do anything wrong!

TMZ reports that sources close to 2 Chainz said what was mistaken for brass knuckles was actually just a simple -- and harmless -- four-finger ring reading "DOPE." The 'No Lie' rapper wore the same ring without any problems in his hometown of Atlanta on Sunday at a nightclub.

Furthermore, 2 Chainz flew into New York City with the ring in his baggage and was never questioned nor given any problems about it. It was only when he was flying out of LaGuardia that the TSA took issue with the jewelry and mistook it for a weapon.

As of 5:30 PM ET, 2 Chainz was still in custody. It's unclear whether he will be on time for his Club Paradise tour gig with Drake in North Carolina tonight. Fingers crossed -- and not clad in giant rings -- that he can make it.