OMGX2. You thought Justin Bieber had swagger and Lil Wayne had flow? Pft. Then you ain't witnessed the untouchable awesomeness of 2-year-old Alim Kamara. The little boy is unbelievable. He raps with his dad, Femi Iloyi, but it's not exactly formed words and sentences words that are coming out of his mouth. It's baby talk and it's completely and totally indiscernible, but it's also cute, since the tot literally does not miss a beat.

Alim appears to have been born with music and da skillz in his DNA. He doesn't need to string together a coherent sentence, since he is so on cue and on point.

All of that, coupled with his hand movements, that ear-to-ear grin and his hilarious facial expressions, Alim has demonstrated all the qualities that are necessary and innate for a long and successful career in the rap game.

M.I.A. once rapped, "No one on the corner has swagger like us." That should be Alim's new mantra. Signed, touring rappers should take a peek at this clip for a textbook exercise in flow.

Watch 2-Year-Old Alim Rap