Celebrities lead different lives than the rest of us do. They're usually wealthier, better looking and (hopefully) more talented than we are. And if none of the previous is true, they're at least better at selling themselves to the general public than those of us who fervently consume celeb culture on a daily basis. This leads them to fame, which leads to money, which leads to better skincare products. As such, they often seem like these larger-than-life forces that are so far removed from the general population that most things they say are completely novel to us. To be fair, this goes both ways: There's a reason the idea of using a dating app to get a date is such a fascinating and bizarre idea to Hilary Duff.

Other times, however, they say things that are totally on-point—or even, dare we say, poignant. Because while it's true that the struggles that come with celebrity are vastly different from our everyday lives, celebrities are people, too, and they come with their own batch of insecurities and -- believe it or not -- unfulfilled dreams. Celebrities: they really are just like us! Sometimes.

We decided to compile a bunch of celebrity quotes into one neat little gallery so that any time you're feeling down about whatever, you can just flip through and find out what people like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Adele and a whole slew of others have to say about the intricacies of life. May their words comfort and guide you.