In these worst dressed pictures from the 2011 American Music Awards, PopCrush recounts the most appalling outfits of the night. The first artist to make an appearance in our worst dressed gallery is none other than the beloved Justin Bieber. Seriously, somebody needs to tell Bieber that not all risks are worth taking, like wearing an over-sized tuxedo to an award show that most men don't even wear ties to. Your Beliebers will surely be disappointed with this outfit choice, Justin.

Bieber isn't the only man in our worst dressed gallery, however -- in fact, it's mostly dominated by men! Even though we know Adam Lambert likes to keep a flamboyant rock edge to his style, the silver suit he wore along with the jacket and spiked hair made him look like he was auditioning for a role in a cheesy vampire flick. Lil Jon looked like a hybrid between a lumber jack and a cooky college professor, and fellow rapper Soulja Boy was channeling his inner Florida retiree in that silk shirt. Taio Cruz also failed in the clothing department since he reminded us of a Neo-wannabe from 'The Matrix.'

Some of the ladies at the 2011 AMAs were also looking pretty silly. Katy Perry looked like Judy Jetson in her ugly pink leather performance outfit, and Karmin frontwoman Amy Heidemann was all over the place in her vintage-gone-terribly-wrong getup. Finally, Christina Aguilera looked like she was about to bust out of the dress she wore during her 'Moves Like Jagger' performance. Can someone do her a favor and tell her stylist to up the sizes? She wouldn't even look bad if the dress actually fit!

Check out these worst dressed pictures from the 2011 AMAs and let us know who you think had the absolutely worst outfit of the evening.