The 2011 BET Awards were a night of fashion do's and some really, really big fashion do not's, which we have illustrated for you in this gallery of worst dressed pictures. Some may disagree with our choices, but we have a hunch that you will be asking yourself the good ol' "what were they thinking" question after seeing these outfits.

Kicking off our worst dressed gallery is none other than rap princess Nicki Minaj. There is no doubt that Minaj is a beautiful person, and that's why it makes us sad when she wears outfits that remind us of a bath mat circa 1971. We really don't get the whole "I'm going to rock shag rug shoulder pads" look. We were incredibly baffled yet slightly amused by Chris Brown's big suit that he wore during his performance. Although it was a good idea for his reveal (and to try and channel Talking Heads frontman David Byrne), Brown's giant knees made him look like he was hiding a couple of basketballs in his pants.

Porcelain Black looked a little "lady of the night" meets Madonna meets goth chick in her red see-through number (fully equipped with a massive cone bra), while Mary J. Blige's dress was just plain awful. R&B singer Miguel was channeling his inner Neo with his weird 'Matrix' wannabe style, and BET Awards host Kevin Hart said it right when it came to the awful vest Busta Rhymes wore; Hart playfully asked if the rapper was wearing a brain. Ouch.

Take a look these pictures of the worst dressed stars at the 2011 BET Awards, and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.