Panic! At the Disco's upbeat 'Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)' is the song featured in new 2011 Diet Coke commercials built around the themes of fashion design, commuting to work, and partying in the big city.

The first clip shows a fashion designer hard at work on her latest garment when she stops to take a swig of Diet Coke from the new limited edition silver can with the giant D on the side. The spot ends with the words, "Another word for ambition is thirst."

Commercial No. 2 depicts a motorist stuck in rush-hour traffic. He grabs the soft drink and takes a sip as he waits for the traffic to move. "A little drive for the drive to work," reads the closing text.

The final spot is called 'Lights' and starts with wide shot of the bright lights in a city before zooming in to one apartment, where friends are socializing as they drink aluminum cans of Diet Coke, which calls itself a "Proud sponsor of all those lights on."

The clips are brief, just 15 seconds each, which doesn't leave a lot of room for the Panic! song to win over viewers. The commercials each feature a different instrumental portion of the song and end with the same "Uh, oh, oh, oh" vocal hook. 'Ready to Go' was the second single from Panic! At the Disco's latest studio album, 'Vices & Virtues,' which debuted at No. 7 in March of this year.

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