The 2012 American Music Awards brought out the best in music, but that doesn't mean it brought out a highlight reel for fashion. There were as many disasters and masterpieces on the red carpet, and some of them really surprised us.

Both Pink and Jordin Sparks have really been bringing it on red carpets lately, and both ladies are stunning. Unfortunately, we couldn't say the same for their gowns.

Pink's dress actually had us on the fence. The bronze plate reminded us of armor -- think Gerard Butler in '300.' Except it works better for King Leonidas than for the 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)' singer. While the style sort of suits her character, since she's a tough girl with a heart of gold, the dress was probably a lot cuter in theory than in execution, and it doesn't do her toned figure any real justice.

We adore both Pink and Sparks, but we have little to no explanation nor justification for the latter's outfit choice. Sparks is so pretty, and she's really proud of her recent weight loss -- and from the neck up, she looks lovely. But the whole gown has so much going on that it amounts to a mess: the sheer fishnet panels, the unflattering pattern, the sleeves -- one of any of those wouldn't be terrible, but all of them together, especially the stripes near the singer's hips, combine to a fashion fail. Good thing she accessorized with cute boyfriend Jason Derulo!

Before we get to Kelly Rowland, we'll say this: the girl can wear a potato sack and still look gorgeous. Between her figure, her sparkling eyes and her bright smile, she couldn't look bad if she tried. That said, we're not hating this dress -- but we think it's a little too casual for such a big event. Though the patterned mini does feature jewels, you have to squint to see them, and they don't add quite enough oomph to make this work for a red carpet. However, we'd totally rock this at an afterparty. Maybe she was just being economical!

We were pretty bummed about Psy's sartorial choice. He's said countless times that 'Gangnam Style' is about "dressing classy and dancing cheesy," but dude. Sequined pants? An untied bow tie? Practice what you preach!

Karmin's Amy Heidemann is so pretty, but she tries so hard. While the cutouts on her dress show off her enviable bod, the weird Niagara Falls pattern, the braid, the caked on foundation -- she reminds us of Heidi meets Harley Quinn at low tide. When she lets the "kooky" stuff go and loses the weird hair rolls (like in a lot of the 'Brokenhearted' video), she looks gorgeous. We do, however, give props to Nick Noonan. We love him in navy!

As for Christina Aguilera, we didn't hate any one thing about her red carpet look. Her dress was pretty, if not dazzling, her shoes were okay, her bangs were new. But when combined altogether with her typically heavy makeup (which, for her, was actually a little lighter than usual), 'The Voice' coach looked more like a drag XTina impersonator than herself. Girl, you are gorgeous -- you don't need so many bells and whistles to show it!

Jason Merritt (2), Getty Images
Jason Merritt (2), Getty Images