Though Whitney Houston's death gave a somber tone to much of the 2012 Grammy Awards, the newly reunited Beach Boys brought the joy back. Teaming up with Maroon 5 and Foster the People, the quintessential summer singers reminded the world why we missed them with their Grammy performance.

Clad in suits reminiscent of their subjects era, Maroon 5 opened the performance with 'Surfer Girl.' Backed by -- what else? -- surfboards, the band played a perfect replica of the original Beach Boys classic. The only difference between the 1963 track and their cover was Adam Levine's signature falsetto. His voice is distinctive and unmistakable. "Do you love me / Do you, surfer girl?" After hearing this rendition, we're sure she does.

Foster the People came next, also donning the Don Draper-era suits of the Beach Boys' heyday.  The band's performance of 'Wouldn't It Be Nice,' led by frontman Mark Foster's understated vocals, their cover didn't sound much different from the original -- which, in the case of such a classic song, is a very good thing. The 'Pumped Up Kicks' band, though still wet behind the ears in terms of awards shows performances, did an outstanding job.

Finally, the Beach Boys themselves took the spotlight back, performing 'Good Vibrations' as if they'd never left. Levine and Foster joined in for the bridge and chimed in for the remainder of the song. The Beach Boys brought the sunshine back to a Grammy ceremony that was shadowed by darkness. For that alone, we're very happy they're back.

Watch Maroon 5, Foster the People + the Beach Boys Perform at the 2012 Grammys

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