Taylor Swift, Rita Ora and Lana Del Rey were easily the best-dressed ladies at the 2012 EMAs, which are the European equivalent of the VMAs. The pop divas wore long gowns, each of very different colors, textures, fabrics and shapes. The results were stunning on an individual level. Psy and Gwen Stefani also went the black and white route, and looked faboo while doing it.

Let's dissect each of the best-dressed ladies and their looks, though!

Swift wore a figure-hugging, white column gown with a diamond-pattern bodice, sprinkled with sparkles. She let her hair down, with a little bend to the ends, and the result was just beautiful. Swift, when she wears full skirts and British boy Oxford shoes, can get a little frumpy and dress too old for age. But when she hits the red carpet, there are rare missteps and few pop stars work it better than she does. This look is a winner.

Ora bloomed like a red rose in her full gown. She was the belle of this pop music ball. It was the fanciest and most couture-looking dress on the carpet, with its lacy top and voluminous, sateen skirt. With her crimson lips and blond curls, not to mention that brighter-than-the-sun smile, Ora was a vision. We're used to seeing her in street looks -- camo, shorts, sneakers -- but she doesn't just clean up nice. She cleans up gorgeous. More of this style of dress, please!

Del Rey is pretty much a fashion model with all of her clothing endorsements -- hello, Versace! -- but she wore a simple, midnight blue, satin wrap dress, paired with darker-than-usual brown hair. The asymmetrical hem and the color gave it an extra edge, as did the fabric. If it had been any other length, hue or fabric, it might have been too casual. But all the elements that were present kicked it up a notch.

Ora kept the red theme going in her post-red carpet outfit, which was a racy red lace pantsuit. It worked because it was so coordinated. She was all in. If you are going rock tip- to-toe scarlet, you have to do it with confidence, which Ora did.

During her performance, Swift looked very Madonna-esque, with her majorette boots and fitted jacket. It was sexy, for sure. And a nice change for her. No nautical stripes or high-waisted shorts this time out, like her VMAs perf!

Psy demonstrated what 'Gangnam Style' truly is by wearing a tux, the jacket of which buttoned low, exposing more of his crisp white shirt. We loved his shoes, too. It was coordinated without feeling too "matchy matchy."

We've gotta give it up to Gwen Stefani for her performance outfit. Normally, she rocks top knots in her hair and Doc Marten combat boots on her feet when she performs with her band. Tonight, her hair was down and framing her face, while she paired shorts with thigh high boots. The result was undeniably sexy. What a hot mama.

Tim Whitby / Andreas Rentz, Getty Images
Ian Gavan / Andreas Rentz, Getty Images