Chris Brown's performance at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards kicked off with a dance off between presenter PSY and host Tracy Morgan.

Breezy performed 'Fine China' at the ceremony, and it was unlike any previous awards show performances from the star. For one, he kept his clothes on, as he's often shirt-averse (and if we had torsos like that, we would be too). He began the performance singing live into a mic while remaining fairly stationary, similar to what we've come to expect from Justin Timberlake.

However, Brown later busted out some serious footwork -- footwork usually reserved for foot soldiers. Brown's choreography towards the end of this 2013 Billboard Music Awards performance incorporated martial arts moves, and set alongside the Oriental-inspired backdrop, it made for a cinematic experience. Brown stopped singing at this point, because, well, he was jumping, kicking and chopping all over the place -- but it's worth noting he was audibly singing himself, albeit along with a backing track, in the opening part of the performance.

Also a fun touch to the performance, which closed with Brown's silhouette? Guitar work by Orianthi. Remember her?

Not everyone appreciate Brown's 2013 Billboard Music Awards performance, though -- Kid Rock called him out a bit later. When the Detroit rap-rocker was onstage to present the 2013 Billboard Music Award for Best Rap Song, he griped, "Let's hear it for lip syncing to prerecorded music!" C'mon, man. You made a video with Scott Stapp.