Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake turned in two of the more memorable performance at the 2013 BRIT Awards (Feb. 20) over in England. American pop music fans should be proud of how well T. Swizzle and Timberlake represented the US of A with their musical treats.

Swift was going for it with her live show. She performed 'I Knew You Were Trouble' in a white lace dress that resembled a wedding gown, albeit a dowdy one. We don't think it was meant to be fashionable, and it wasn't. We dunno how she managed to maneuver in that dress with its hoop skirt. Despite the fugly sheath, all the elements came into play during the perf -- snow, fire, lights, dancers.

She eventually ditched the frau frock, revealing an all-black, leather ensemble. This was probably the point where her ex, One Direction's Harry Styles, was squirming in his seat.

Is it just us or was Taylor Swift performing with extra fire, since Hazza was there? We think so. This was also 'I Knew You Were Trouble, The Remix,' since the ending was changed a bit, with extra electronic embellishment. It was sorta epic.

She ended the perf with a scowl instead of a smile. That says something and the recipient of that message? H. Styles.

JT, on the other hand, showed that he is moving full steam ahead with his return to making music and doing live performances. He performed the new song 'Mirrors' in a shiny black blazer while backed by a full band. He's certainly perfected that modern Rat Packer vibe, in the way he grips his old-fashioned mics, the way he dresses, the swag with which he saunters across the floor and the sparkle in his eye. He's baaaack. Some critics are not loving 'Suit & Tie' or his throwback approach. Don't include us in that bunch.

Watch Taylor Swift Perform 'I Knew You Were Trouble' at the 2013 BRIT Awards

Watch Justin Timberlake Perform 'Mirrors' at the 2013 BRIT Awards