As soon as the music kicked in for this new viral Evian commercial, we immeadiately thought, "Why does this song remind us of the '90s?" Anyone else?

It's probably because the clip, which features the cutest dancing baby reflections of their adult counterparts, also includes a rework of the 1994 song, 'Here Comes the Hotstepper' by Ini Kamoze. (Check out the lyrics here.) The particular version in this 2013 commercial, on the other hand, is a remix by French producer and DJ, Yuksek. We love his modern interpretation of this classic dance anthem!

Not only does this commercial encourage viewers to 'Live young,' but with this remix of a '90s classic, the folks over at Evian have proved they are practicing what they preach by including a "younger" version of the track in their commercial. Bravo! Now, let's find some dancing babies for real and get this party started!