The Wanted not only delivered a killer performance at the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival, they also revealed a lot about themselves and their new album.

The band performed at the iHeartRadio Village, outdoors and across the lot from the MGM Grand -- but it wasn't well, that grand. "It was an experience! We had a really good time," Tom Parker said of their performance, but added, "Our equipment burned out! Halfway through the set all the laptops went down, and we pretty much played with us and our band and nothing else. I mean, it was cool, but we got through!"

The lads dished on their new album, which has been delayed a bit but will finally come out in the U.S. this November. "Some of it will be what people expect, which is party songs and club sort of mixes," Jay McGuiness said, "and then there are some that are more reflective of two years or so of struggle. You don't want hands in the air on a struggle song -- you want an orchestra to emote a little," he explained. "So hopefully there's a mix of both: the more introspective stuff and the more carefree stuff. We'll see!"

"We got to really work to make sure the production on the album complemented the other tracks on the album," Nathan Sykes explained. "We wanted to make sure the album flowed, so it wasn't like ... random orchestral bits and random dubstep. We really think it flows now, and we're really proud of it."

The band also revealed that their collaboration with Justin Bieber didn't make the cut. Parker explained, "Upon further thought, it didn't quite fit with the album -- maybe for the next album," he added hopefully. "It was a bit R&B for the album. The song's great, but for this album it's just the Wanted. It's quite anthemic ... it's got a bit more band in it. More live instruments."

And what about 'The Wanted Life?' "We didn't have any say in how we came across," McGuiness laughed. "We lived our life and they got to record a little of it. The only 'reality' moments would be like if you got out of a car and they missed it, they'd be like, 'Can you get out of that car again?' It kind of makes your day twice as long," he laughed. "We were never told to say anything or anything like that."

Watch the Wanted Perform at the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival