It might still be fall, but retailers everywhere are already getting us in the wintry, holiday spirit -- and Old Navy's 2013 Winter Lodge commercial is no exception.

The 30-second cartoonish commercial begins with a van packed to the brim with children and adults alike, all psyched to head off to their winter retreat. Everyone is having a great time dancing, skating, sledding, and even surfing (!) as Vampire Blow's song 'Let's Go Out' sets the tone or the fun-loving commercial.

Vampire Blow are an up-and-coming, three-piece punk-rock garage band hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their first EP, 'Unicorn' (on which 'Let's Go Out' is featured) came out earlier this year. And just because their music is used in an Old Navy commercial, don't think the band is all that wholesome -- in fact, the fourth track on 'Unicorn' is titled 'Tokyo Slut' -- just a slight juxtaposition from the jolly, upbeat mood of the commercial.