The 2013 Ultra Music Festival doesn't start for a few hours, but unfortunately, two have already been injured while preparing for what may be the biggest EDM party of the year.

Part of the main stage of the Miami festival collapsed, taking with it part of a large LED screen. The screen, seven feet tall and taking up nearly three-quarters of the stage, fell and severely injured two festival employees.

A rep for the festival released a statement on the accident.

“Today (Thursday, March 14) as preparations were being made for this weekend’s Ultra Music Festival, a section of an LED screen fell and injured two workers," the statement read. "Fire Rescue was on site so there was a rapid response. Festival organizers are working with, and supporting, authorities as they investigate the details behind the accident.”

The Associated Press reports that to investigate the incident and prevent any further accidents, an Occupational Safety and Health Administration rep, police, fire officials, the fire marshall and structural engineers will be on hand at the scene today (March 15). A rep for Miami's fire and rescue team assured, “Once we get the approval that everything is structurally sound, we’ll go ahead and allow the event promoter to open up the finished stage.”

While the accident was certainly an unfortunate one, its timing may have been a blessing in disguise, because much more damage may have been done to health and property if there were crowds present. Here's hoping that the employees make a swift recovery and that everything else goes according to plan -- for the sake not only of safety, but what's sure to be a good time.