If you've seen the 2014 Kindle commercial featuring two women relaxing by the beach (one happily reading away with her Kindle, the other struggling to see past the glare on her non-Kindle eReader), you know that the spot is accompanied by a happy, acoustic, almost Hawaiian-like tune. What's the song?

It's 'Chupee' by French duo Cocoon. The adorable little ditty features such profound lyrics as "Eating your Chupa Chup/A plane is making a loop/The beavers are so cute/A tree gave me a fruit" and is featured on the band's 2007 debut album, 'My Friends All Died In a Plane Crash,' a surprisingly depressing title for such a happy-sounding pop-folk group.

Regardless of the album title, 'Chupee' fits right in with the beachy ad, and its breezy, carefree sound reminds us of a day perfectly spent on the beach. (Reading a Kindle, of course.)