"What if life tasted as good as Diet Coke?"

That's the theme of Diet Coke's recent campaign of ads, and the company's latest commercial once again makes the ordinary extraordinary with the help of just a sip of the brand's cola.

In a new 2014 ad featuring a woman in a car wash, one sip of Diet Coke transforms her boring car wash ride into an extravagant party with confetti falling to the floor, and a room filled with bubbles, jazz dancers, an orchestra and more.

As her car wash comes to an end, however, she's suddenly jolted back into reality. But no worries: She still has her Diet Coke.

The song featured in the ad is called 'Clash' by a band called Caravan Palace, off their 2012 album 'Panic.'

Click on the video above to watch Diet Coke's Car Wash commercial.