To promote its new Discovery Sport compact SUV, Land Rover is running a promotion where one person and three of his or her friends will be able to go on the ultimate discovery mission: space.

In the dramatic commercial setup around the theme of discovery, Land Rover enlists the help of some pioneers to narrate what it means to venture out into the unknown. Those celebrated figures include renowned campaigner and conservationist Virginia McKenna, media mogul Richard Branson and explorer Ranulph Fiennes, and TV host and adventurer Bear Grylls. Each personality speaks to the experience and joy as to what it means to blaze new trails, and how the ultimate winner of Land Rover's competition will be able to visit space, something very few have done.

The ambient music that accompanies the ad fits in well with the theme of idea of mystery and intrigue, and is by an electronic German musician named Apparat. The song is titled 'PV' and can be found on his 2013 album, Krieg und Frieden (Music for Theatre).