Michelle Phan went from making tips by waiting tables to providing makeup tips on YouTube, eventually exploding and becoming an Internet sensation.

Diet Dr. Pepper celebrates her one-of-a-kind journey in a new commercial. What's the female-voiced song that drives the spot?

It's Lenka's 'Unique.' Phan's entrepreneurial transition from waitress to makeup maven is decidedly feminine, so having a lush voice like Lenka's accompany her story is considerably appropriate. Plus, her career progression is as unique as Lenka's voice.

The beverage is uniquely flavored and so are Phan and Lenka.

As for Lenka, she is an Australian singer with Czech heritage. She is no stranger to having her music used in commercials, as her song 'Everything at Once' was employed in both a Windows and a Disney spot. She has released four albums so far.