The 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage is being marketed as a small, fuel efficient car fit for a big life. The commercial, which finds a young, good-looking duo enjoying a fun-filled night on the town, features an upbeat, sweet track -- which has a hint of disco-y funk threaded throughout -- accompanying all that young, good-looking action. What's the song?

It's called 'Let's Go' by singer Bean, aka Noelle Bean. She is loaded with the kind of talent that is pretty much a gift from God.

The car ad is meant to make the viewer think about being footloose and fancy-free, as well as being happy while cruising around town in this cute, compact car.

That's why this song works in the space of this spot. It's light, it's airy and it's not splashy or ostentatious -- so yeah, it's pretty much like the car itself.