Last night's (May 17) 2015 Billboard Music Awards saw Mariah Carey perform through bronchitis, Sam Smith hold up a bunch of cue cards in place of an acceptance speech and Taylor Swift sweep the competition as she walked away with a total of eight awards. But what about the fashion, right?

Everyone was kind of all over the place on the red carpet, because it looks like no one is sure how to dress for an awards show that's neither as formal as the Oscars nor as edgy as the MTV Video Music Awards. But one red carpet trend we did notice was the sheer number of female artists and entertainers decked out in pants, jumpsuits and...non-skirts, basically. And while we could have included more than three people in our poll for the best pants-based look, these were our standout picks of the evening.

Zendaya looked unreal, as she usually does, in zebra-print skinnies, a crop top and blazer -- so many prints were happening at once, but she pulled it off because she's poised and beautiful and confident. Taylor Swift, meanwhile, wore a white jumpsuit with cutouts on the side, and her hair blown-out and big. Finally, actual model Kendall Jenner opted for the walking advertisement route as she wore a Bailman mini-dress to announce the designer's upcoming collaboration with H&M. Okay, so Kendall isn't technically wearing pants, but the look is menswear-inspired-ish and those tights look thick enough to be leggings — so it counts.

Which of these three rocked the gown-alternative hardest at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards? Cast your vote in the poll below.