For its new ad showing off the 2015 Challenger, Dodge decided to bring a little mystique into the commercial by talking about the "legend" of the company's original founders, the Dodge brothers.

We see the brothers engage in a Gatsby-like party, with extravagance and wealth being thrown around as the brothers party with the rich and famous. A voiceover tells us that the brothers used to manufacture their own bicycles before John went on to hold office, and Horace supported the orchestra.

"Their lives were big, but their dreams were even bigger," the voice tells us before they step outside of the mansion and into the new Challenger.

"This is how their spirit lives on."

To support the ad, the commercial uses Gry & FM Einheit's song, 'Princess Crocodile,' which is a blend of big band with modern indie-electronic.

Click on the video above to watch the Dodge Brothers commercial.