A photo posted by Taylor Caniff (@taylorcaniff) onDec 31, 2014 at 10:06pm PST


If you're a fan of Magcon Tour, then you're about to be insanely excited. According to J-14, the guys will be reuniting for a 2015 tour. And that's just the beginning -- they seem to have huge plans for the rest of the year, too.

Taylor Caniff said, "We'll be touring again with all the guys. [The Magcon guys and I] are still very close and we've got some very big plans for 2015 [that are] coming up in the next few months."

As for whether or not fellow Magcon Tour member, Shawn Mendes, will be able to join the guys, it's still unclear if his touring with Taylor Swift will hinder his chance to be part of the reunion. But the Magcon Tour guys are in full support of Shawn. Taylor said, "We all listen to Taylor Swift's music [all the time] and it was so emotional to see Shawn be able to go on tour with her."

He went on to say, "We're all so proud of Shawn and what he has achieved and how much he's conquered. It's been amazing to be able to watch someone who started with us doing the same stuff we were doing, to being on Billboard's number one and traveling the world."

Taylor goes on to talk about the fact that although the guys have all been off to do their own things, they're excited to get back together and reunite. He said,  "It's been amazing to see Cameron Dallas create his own movie and Matt [Espinosa] working on his own videos. For me, it's been amazing to be able to tour around and meet people and girls. We each have our different routes but we're all from the same area and started in the same place and we're going to come back to that place."

Are you guys totally excited to see Magcon Tour back in action? Let us know!