The fellows of 2AM Club have no problems making music when they have guitars, drums, and other instruments at their disposal, but how will these six guys sound when they're handed kazoos and plastic whistle trumpets? Well, you're about to find out!

2AM Club, who officially released their latest single 'Not Your Boyfriend' this week, stopped by the PopCrush offices in N.Y.C. recently to chat about their new mixtape 'Moon Tower,' upcoming projects, touring, and to participate in a couple of fun games, including Name That Tune. During this particular (and often embarrassing) guessing game, each band member picks a slip of paper with a song listed on it, and then tries to perform that song on a dinky little instrument while the others try to guess what it is. The results are usually hilarious, and 2AM Club definitely did not disappoint.

Dave, Matt and Patrick, all positioned in the back row, went first, and although Dave and Patrick had a bit of trouble figuring out their toy trumpets (granted, they are plastic and cost us roughly 20 cents each at our local party store), the other guys were still able to figure out their tunes.

The bottom row had an easier time, but Matt W. definitely struggled a bit, not with his kazoo, but with trying to get everyone to figure which throwback jam he was playing. Marc and Tyler totally killed it, figuring each other's songs out almost instantaneously, but not before Tyler could reject One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful' for something a little more his style.

These guys have really great chemistry together, so be sure to check out 2AM Club playing Name That Tune below. Get ready to laugh, people.

Listen to 2AM Club, 'Not Your Boyfriend'