Team Blake is up once again on 'The Voice,' and after the fierce battle between De'Borah and Nelly's Echo, we'd hate to have to be the ones who follow 'em, but someone has to do it!

The next battle pairing is a mother-daughter duo named 2Steel Girls (Allison and Krystal respectively) and the 18-year-old yodeler Gracia Harrison, who impressed the coaches with her serious vocal abilities. (Can you yodel? Didn't think so). And surprise, surprise, leave it to Blake Shelton to opt for the country song 'Sin Wagon' by Dixie Chicks.

The mother half of 2Steel Girls had a harder time transitioning to the country aspect of the song, as it's a song that takes a lot of skill, but her daughter was quick to catch on, leaving her to strive for perfection to nail the song. It's just a whole lot of blonde honky tonk going on, that it's almost difficult to decipher who's actually singing at any given point.

Thankfully, we have the visual of the battle rounds to help us with that troubling problem. 2Steel Girls rocked black ensembles and Harrison donned a light pink frock, and the tension between the two (technically three) women was playfully toyed with as Krystal and Gracia made dagger-eyes at each other throughout the entire song.

It was an evenly matched performance, with powerful singers, and although Harrison was more playful with the song and general entertainment of the performance, 2Steel Girls gave the better performance.

Shelton, though, didn't agree, and opted for Harrison's attitude and playfulness versus vocals.