Omaha rockers 311 are back with 'Sunset in July,' a new single from their 10th official studio album, 'Universal Pulse.'

311's new album was produced by hard rock producer Bob Rock, best known for his work with Metallica. On 'Sunset in July,' Rock cranks up the distorted guitars but doesn't go overboard, allowing the song's chilled-out vibe to shine through.

As its name implies, 'Sunset in July' was made for the summer. It's a perfect musical accompaniment for relaxing and smoking the substance of your choice. Nick Hexum sings:

"Sunset in July, rockers by my side and time is flying by / Ba da dop dop da dee yah / Watching you dancing and having the time of your life / And it's getting me high / Time is flying by."

Hexum told Spin he wrote the tune "while speeding around Angeles National Forest. I would write a couple lines and then haul ass around mountain curves until the next line would come to me. It's a great way to write!"

311 have been recording their unique blend of rock, rap and reggae for more than two decades. They scored their biggest hits, 'Down' and 'All Mixed Up,' in 1996, but this new track proves they're still going strong.

The group will perform 'Sunset in July' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on June 30. 'Universal Pulse' hits retailers on July 19.

Listen to 311, 'Sunset in July'