Barack Obama's reelection wasn't the only newsworthy event voters took part in this week. The legalization of marijuana was a referendum in Colorado -- and it passed. Proud "Coloradicals" 3OH!3 voiced their take on the new weed laws, which haven't been enacted yet -- and they're not what you may think.

Nathaniel Motte, the taller half of the 'Omens' duo, told TMZ, "I'm proud that Colorado can stand as an example for other states to follow." However, it's not because he wants to smoke up on the street himself.

"I don't personally use marijuana, and I haven't for many years, but I have always supported the legalization of the drug," he said in an eloquent letter posted on Twitter. "I believe that in the big picture, marijuana causes vastly less social problems than alcohol, and we should consider it to be a less socially threatening drug than alcohol. I think that the revenue streams generated from the legalized sale of marijuana will be very helpful to our state of Colorado. If taxed similarly to alcohol and tobacco, states could stand to gain a lot of capital, and remedy many budget stresses." He makes pretty compelling points, right?

He added, "I would hope that marijuana legalization (and bringing the marijuana trade 'above ground') will also alleviate stresses on jails, where people may have been incarcerated for marijuana possession. Additionally I hope it improves the safety of the drug and its usage by regulating it's quality, make-up and distribution." It's pretty hard to argue with Motte's logic, especially considering that it seems to be coming from the objective standpoint of a non-smoker.

However, it's important to remember that even if and when smoking weed becomes legal in Colorado, it is still a federal offense -- which means marijuana users can still get in deep doodoo if a federal agent (like a DEA employee) gets a whiff of their activities.

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