For those who may not know, today is 4/20, a day in which people gather to celebrate and consume the sticky icky (aka marijuana). Snoop Dogg already released 'Roll Me Up' in honor of the smoker's holiday. Now comes this Beyonce parody video which celebrates the joys of getting high.

The clip is College Humor's smoked-out version of Beyonce's 'Countdown' video. The performer does a great job of mimicking Bey's facial expressions in the entertaining video, including batting her eyes and rolling her neck like a peacock.

The funniest parts of the video are her weed-loving lyrics. "Oh, smokin' that sticky / And I'm lazing / Still love you weed / I will always be with you," sings the actress while taking hits from the bong.

Later, she sings of being a true pot head. "I'm super high there ain't nothing much I can do / Yep, I buy my own from this guy I met at Bonnaroo / All up in the store mixin' Slurpees with the red eyes / All up in the store and everybody knows I'm high high."

This is the kind of video Rihanna would love to watch while smoking a blunt. Take two puffs and pass it along.

Watch College Humor's Stoner 'Countdown' Video