K-Pop girl group 4minute is down one member -- at least until she gets a doctor's all-clear to perform again. HyunA was hospitalized for a severely high fever last week, but is said to be recovering.

HyunA was first admitted into the hospital May 6, per AllKPop. 4minute's label released a statement on her illness, and it appears her hectic schedule may have played a role in her ill health. “HyunA collapsed due to a high fever before her activities, so she is in the hospital," the statement read. "It looks like a high fever and dehydration case because of overworking. She’s currently in the hospital and is receiving Intravenous therapy. She will undergo a more detailed check-up, and we’ll get the full results tomorrow. Since her health is the most important, we’re going to have to adjust her schedule.”

Thankfully, HyunA appears to be getting better. She'll begin procedures to get discharged from the hospital today (May 12), but was advised to rest up -- that way she won't have to go back anytime soon!

Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery, HyunA!