5 Seconds of Summer have announced that they're gathering their biggest super fans from around the world for a two-day event in Los Angeles, Calif., called 'Derp Con.'

The band mercilessly teased fans on social media in the hours leading up to the reveal, which took place at 4PM ET.

On the official site for Derp Con, the band revealed that they will be holding a competition open to people around the globe, which will have participants face off against one another to find just who really are the biggest 5 Seconds of Summer fans out there. Winners (and a friend) will be flown to Los Angeles on Nov. 15 and 16 to attend a special show at the Forum.

Not much has been revealed regarding the nature of the competition, but fans can sign up for more information on the official site.

Meanwhile, the band recorded a hilarious comic book-themed video announcing 'Derp Con.' Click play above to watch them morph into their superhero selves.