5 Seconds of Fans? That's all the time that 5 Seconds of Summer had with die-hards at 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' thanks to the hilarious game that Ellen chose to play with the band and the 5SOS Fam.

The concept was pretty simple: Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael hid behind closed doors that would only open for five seconds as fans approached. Of course, the band-fan interaction was pretty much an LOL-worthy mess of talking over each other -- because how can you accurately portray your undying love for the group in just five seconds?

Of course, fans quickly figured out how to use those precious moments to their advantage, posing with their backs to the band to take a quick selfie because "pics or it didn't happen," right? But 5SOS, pranksters that they are, gave the Fam even more of a surprise by dropping their pants and showing up just in their boxers. Cue the ear-splitting shrieks!

Fortunately, the fans had more time with the band during 5SOS' seriously epic performance of 'Good Girls,' which you can check out below. Not only did the group absolutely kill it (BRB, we're busy obsessing over their live harmonies), the fans were singing so loud they almost out-sang the band. So much love.

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