To fall in love with 5 Seconds of Summer, you only need 6 seconds.

In this case, we're bringing you a few more than 6 seconds — more like 120 seconds, to be exact — of some of 5SOS' most dorky, silly and aww-worthy moments.

As anyone who has followed the Sounds Good, Feels Good crew from the beginning can attest, their on-stage playfulness, off-stage shenanigans and live-on-camera adorable awkwardness is truly charming, and just one of the many reasons — apart from talent, charisma and ever-changing hair colors — that Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford have managed to skyrocket to superstardom over the years since their debut just a few short years ago.

Ahead of the release of their upcoming LP this Friday (October 23), we've rounded up some of the most popular Vines that represent some of the goofiest moments that the 5SOSFam adores.

Watch above!

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