5SOSFam! You HAVE to check out this behind the scenes look at 5 Seconds of Summer's video for 'Good Girls.' It's almost as good as the music video itself!

The video starts out with Ashton recording -- like usual -- and showing us around the reform school set. Of the video he says: "[It's] been cool so far. I'm having a lot of fun. Basically there's a lot of girls screaming, and I've been sitting behind bars watching on the screens. That kind of sounds creepy." Indeed it does, Ashton -- but we know what you mean.

"Another thing that's creepy is my hairdo today. Don't get like... close-in on it or anything..." he says, which, naturally, causes the camera guy to give us a hilarious close-up.

'Good Girls' was shot by Isaac Rentz -- the same guy who directed 5SOS' last two videos, 'Amnesia' and 'Don't Stop' -- and he had an interesting concept for it that we weren't expecting. He explains: "I wanted to make something that had an empowering message for girls. We're having fun with the idea of some of the expectations that girls sometimes have put on them to have to be quiet or well-mannered or to not be themselves." That's definitely a message we can get behind!

In true 5SOS fashion, the guys are clearly having a ton of fun behind the scenes. At one point we see Michael and Calum playing around with megaphones, managing to create some bizarre melody with it... maybe it'll be their next single?

What do you think of the guys' behind-the-scenes look? Check out the video above and let us know!

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