It's hard work being in one of the biggest pop bands in the world, but is fame taking a toll on 5 Seconds of Summer?

In a video published to YouTube on Oct. 5, the boys appear to be walking into a building, ignoring fans' multiple requests for photos. After 5SOS are inside, a member of their team is seen telling fans, "We don't ask you to buy music. That's your choice." Harsh words, especially considering the band can be seen over the man's shoulder.

However, SugarScape reports Calum Hood took to Twitter to address the situation, telling fans, "hi I don't think you realize how many people we meet a day. Sometimes you need a break. You obviously don't realise that. Bye." (The tweet has since been deleted.)

According to SugarScape, the official 5 Seconds of Summer account also tweeted "5sos isn't just Calum Hood.." (This tweet has also vanished.)

We understand the fans wanting to grab a pic or say hi to the band -- but we also understand that 5SOS are on a hectic schedule and have every right to be exhausted. Plus, the guys are generally pretty sweet to their fans, often taking to Twitter to share their appreciation. We're going to cut them some slack on this one.

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