5 Seconds of Summer's sophomore album, Sounds Good Feels Good, will see the light of day in just under two months, and they're ramping up the anticipation with a third new song. On the heels of the playfully defiant "She's Kinda Hot" and the jubilant "Fly Away," "Jet Black Heart" is a somber breakup ballad.

"'Cause I’ve got a jet black heart / And there’s a hurricane underneath it, trying to keep us apart," the boys sing on the chorus, before making a bid for reconciliation: "I write with a poison pen / But these chemicals moving between us are the reasons to start again." 

Guitarist Michael Clifford and bassist Calum Hood wrote on the track, as did David Hodges, a former Evanescence member who co-wrote their multi-platinum Fallen album. While tortured love songs are a pop-punk and emo staple, "Jet Black Heart" marks a turn toward a more sophisticated sound than we've heard from Sounds Good Looks Good so far. It's also fun to imagine that the song is an answer to Carly Rae Jepsen's sweet 'n salty "Black Heart" E.MO.TION track (it definitely isn't).

Ashton Irwin announced the advent of "Jet Black Heart" in a Twitter video yesterday (August 26), adding, "Hope you love 'Fly Away'! We've been practicing it, trying to play it good so we can play it live." He also said he thinks the new album is their "best work so far." Preview "Jet Black Heart" below — and if you agree with Ashton, pre-order their album for October 23.

5 Seconds of Summer - Jet Black Heart 

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