5 Seconds of Summer's Michael Clifford was just playing a gig like he usually does on most nights. However on Saturday evening (June 13, the guitarist things changed when he accidentally got burned by the stage pyrotechnics.

The Aussie band was playing their hit song, "She Looks So Perfect" at London's Wembley Arena when Michael walked too close to the flames blasting from the stage floor. Then his hair quickly caught on fire. Quickly realizing what happened, the 19-year-old musician ran offstage and tried to fan the embers off with a towel. You can see what happened above.

5SOS bandmate Ashton Irwin explained the situation and had tell the fans that they would have to end the concert for the night.

“Michael has hurt himself so we will not be continuing the show right now,” Irwin said, which you can watch in the clip below. “Just want to say thank you so much for coming. He is OK. You guys have been the best crowd we could ask for tonight. Thank you so much.”

Fans shared their concern via social media. But Michael calmed everyone nerves a little bit when he posted a selfie on Twitter showing his face bandaged up and a thumbs up, which you can view below.

Bassist Calum Hood also shared a few words, calling his BFF "a trooper."

"No one ever wants to see your best friend in the state I saw mike backstage," he tweeted. "He's a trooper and is ok."

While we're sure it doesn't look like the most comfortable situation to be in at the moment, we here at PopCrush are glad he's okay and hope he gets better soon!

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