5 Seconds of Summer continue to crack us up in a new behind-the-scenes video from their Seventeen Magazine photo shoot.

While all of the guys answered which song on the new album is his favorite, things got good when they were asked individual questions. For instance, Michael Clifford revealed how he chooses his hair color.

"I let them pick for me," he explained, gesturing to his bandmates. And, in case you're wondering, it was Luke Hemmings who chose Mikey's of-the-moment lavender hue.

"I said purple, and he did lilac/lavender," Luke said.

Things got even more interesting when Luke was asked to share the most embarrassing thing on his phone.

"If you went into my photos, you'd find a lot of weird pictures of, like, the band," he revealed, quickly adding, "Not like that! The photo of ... naked Calum [Hood]. That's not the only one on there. The one with Calum's butt in the kitchen."

"You're digging a huge hole," said Ashton Irwin with a laugh.

Watch this -- and so much more magic -- go down in the behind-the-scenes video above!

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