5 Seconds of Summer brought their brand of pop-punk-lite to the TODAY Show stage earlier their morning (October 28) to promote their recently-released sophomore album Sounds Good Feel Good.

The Australian quartet performed a slew of their hits for the morning show, inhibited by neither the rain nor the early morning hour. They performed "She's Kinda Hot" and "Hey Everybody!," the two lead singles from Sounds Good Feels Good, followed by a few tracks off their debut album, "You Look So Perfect," and the Madden brothers-penned ballad "Amnesia."


When asked how Sounds Good Feels Good differs from their self-titled debut album, Luke Hemmings said, "We’ve grown up a lot…the sound’s grown up with us."

Drummer Ashton Irwin made a point of telling the crowd that 5SOS will be back on tour in North America come 2016 to support the album. But according to a recent interview with Australia’s Daily Telegraph, that might not bode well for the band.

Ashton opened up about the toll being away from home for long stretches of time can take on the group, saying, “I told Luke ‘I’m f— ing depressed, I f—ing hate this, we’ve been on tour for five months, I’m living out of this piece of s— suitcase with only three wheels on it."

But, he continued, they at least have each other to get through it, saying, "We try to talk to each other and try to pull each other through. You realize there are huge ups and huge downs. And it gets tiring, you know.”


Check out videos of the band performing on the TODAY Show above.

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