Sorry, what's that? We can't hear you over 5 Seconds of Summer completely SLAYING their performance of 'What I Like About You' at the 2014 American Music Awards.

While every member of the 5SOS Fam knows that Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton bring their all to each performance, there's no doubt that the guys were seriously on fire tonight, delivering such a high-energy performance that we practically had to restrain ourselves from getting up and rocking out with our TV. (Editor's note: We weren't very successful.)

As each band member belted out his verse of the '80s hit, both our hearts and the music swelled to epic proportions. Let's be real: If we learned one thing from the band's killer performance, it's that 5SOS is not playin' around. They're crazy talented and they are here. to. stay.

Watch 5 Seconds of Summer totally nail their performance of 'What I Like About You' in the video above!

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