5 Seconds of Summer may be changing their signature tally-mark logo, and many fans don't love the change. According to Perez Hilton, the Aussie pop punk heroes may have switched up their logo in anticipation of a lawsuit from a clothing company called Undefeated. Obviously, neither party invented the tally-marks symbol, but the company does have a very similar logo:

A copyright infringement claim hasn't been confirmed, but bassist Calum Hood responded to Twitter user and 5SOS fan @OopsHiCliffxrd's question about the logo with a simple response: "Copyright brah." Calum has since deleted that tweet (per the advice of the band's lawyers, perhaps?), but you can check out a screen cap here.

The original logo still appears on the band's website. Yet recently rolled-out merch takes things in a different visual direction for the group, featuring downright adorable skulls with hearts in their eyes:

Change is hard, but #5SOSfam are loyal — and the skulls do embody the boys' playful, punk-inflected nature. If you want to voice your protest there's a number of #WeWanttheTallyBack petitions floating around, such as this one. But really, you should channel your creative energy to propose a new logo instead. This one's our favorite so far.

How DO you feel about the new design? Is it too goofy? Do you already have a tally-marks tattoo and if so, would you consider etching the skull onto your body? Cast your votes in the poll below!

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