Rapper 50 Cent shared a meal with actress Goldie Hawn yesterday, and he wanted the whole world to see the evidence. The rapper tweeted, "I had lunch with Goldie Hawn. She is complete sweetheart," and posted a link to the photo shown above.

Hawn tweeted, "Lunch was especially sweet today cause I met 50 Cent. His smile lit up the room." Later, she added, "He was a real treat! Very deep kind person!"

It would be awesome if 50 was trying to persuade the 1969 Academy Award winner to make a guest appearance on one of his hip-hop tracks or in a music video. But they may have been discussing acting. The rapper formerly known as Curtis Jackson has been branching out into the film world since starring in the semi-autobiographical movie 'Get Rich or Die Tryin.'' He seems to have taken his commitment to acting up a notch, losing more than 50 pounds for a recent role in 'Things Fall Apart.'

According to subsequent tweets, 50 headed to Europe after his lunch date with Hawn. He's bound for Ibiza, where he'll be doing some recording and playing a show for the I Want My MTV Ibiza concert series.