Rapper 50 Cent is pissed off that Interscope Records has decided to pushed back his fifth album (tentatively titled 'Black Magic'), and we can't blame him. After listening to 'I'm On It,' a song that was recently leaked on the Internet, executives at Interscope should be ashamed of themselves. Why are you holding Fiddy back? Get out of the way and let him be great.

The Cataracs-produced 'I'm On It' is a bare track with computer blips, club-esque synths and a thunderous beat. 50 Cent is on top of his game with his catchy one-liners and swagged-out rhymes. "I'm chin-chillin' / Cristal spillin' / Hip-Hop's feelin' / 'Cause I'm making a killin'," he spits.

The only nit-pick we have with the song is his materialistic rhymes. In today's slow economy where people are struggling to pay their bills, 50 bragging about the cars he drives and how much money he makes may turn off many listeners. His chorus alone is off-putting: "I'm on it, I'm on it / I blow a 100 million and make another 100 mill / B---h! / I'm on It, I'm on it / I hustle hard / Oh my god / Look at me I'm so rich."

If Fiddy released an edited version of 'I'm On It' it could do well on radio although fans might get tired of it after repeat listens. Interscope Records should rethink their decision of not releasing 50 Cent's album. It's been long overdue and it's his time to shine.

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