50 Cent has been slapped with a lawsuit by a woman who alleges that she was viciously attack at the New York rapper's Connecticut mansion. According to AllHipHop, Vasti Ortiz filed a suit claiming that she was assaulted by Fiddy's associate Dwayne McKenzie while she was in the residence in August 2009.

Ortiz, who is a video dancer, was invited by another woman to hang out at 50's crib for a late-night party. During the get-together, McKenzie acted as an employee of G-Unit and began making graphic requests for oral sex from the women. When Ortiz attempted to leave, McKenzie allegedly ordered another woman named Michelle Krzykowsi to attack Ortiz who hit her over the head with a hard object while he subdued her.

Miraculously, Oritz was able to pepper sprayed McKenzie and Krzykowski and escape from the mansion. She went to the hospital where she received nine staples to close a huge gash on her head. She also claims to be suffering from permanent damage to her nervous system from the brutal assault.

So why is 50 being sued even though he wasn't present when the alleged attack happened? Well, Ortiz believes that Fiddy knew of McKenzie's violent criminal background but still continued to employ him as a member of his G-Unit organization.

And she may have a point because in May of 2008, McKenzie was arrested for beating a woman with a belt at 50's mansion, and prior to that incident, he was also arrested for firing a gun at a man who attempted to snatch his $100,000 necklace. So, obviously, this guy was not a good candidate for Employee of the Month and he seems to have some anger-management issues.

Ms. Ortiz is seeking an undisclosed monetary damages for her medical bills and legal fees.